Fugate Drums Files Patent on Covid-19 Technology

Fugate Drums Files Patent on Covid-19 Technology

Covid-19 related patent filed by Fugate Drums. The patent pending Greeting Guard is a mechanism designed to reduce the risk of the transmission of airborne particles while facilitating face to face interactions. Its novelty lies in being able to move the greeting guard in tandem with or independent of any door.

There are 2 versions of this invention: The Greeting Guard, and the Greeting Guard Pro. The Greeting Guard is for indoor use and the Greeting Guard Pro version is for external use and is much more robust. The Greeting Guard is a must have for residences, businesses, Dr.’s offices, hospitals, and apartment buildings who wish to reduce the risk of Covid-19 exposures. Order it directly through our website (https://fugatedrums.com/product/fugate-greeting-guard/) or on any of the e-commerce platforms. There are different sizes of doors and Fugate Drums has standard sizes for the Greeting Guard. However, custom sizes are also available.

CEO Brett Fugate is quoted as saying in regards to the Greeting Guard, “Interactions with guests at entryways are made safer by Fugate Inc. with our patent pending Greeting Guard barriers. Lightweight and easy to install, Greeting Guards are great for commercial and home installation.”

For the latest information on Covid-19 please visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.


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