Fugate Greeting Guard

Fugate Greeting Guard


Interactions with guests at entryways are made safer by Fugate Inc. with our patent pending Greeting Guard barriers. Lightweight and easy to install, Greeting Guards are great for commercial and home installations.

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Fugate Greeting Guard (patent pending) barriers help reduce the risk of exposure to airborne illnesses near entryways.  In addition, it permits enhanced mobility when compared to other plastic guards currently on the market.  It promotes a safer interaction with guests near entryways at home or within the workplace.  The Greeting Guard is great for conversation and item exchange through doorways, due to it’s unobstructed visibility and maneuverability.  This product is designed to be mounting on the interior of standard doors.

Check out our Greeting Guard Pro listing coming soon for deluxe, exterior door applications!

NOTE: Be aware that the Fugate Greeting Guard is a permanent application that could cause damage if removed.  Fugate Inc. will not be held liable for any damages.  Therefore, please use as directed.


The Greeting Guard features a simple hinge and latch system for opened and closed modes to allow for passage between uses as a barrier, .  In addition, this product is durable, weather resistant, lightweight and easy to install.  Additionally, there is no hardware required for the guard because it attaches to doorways using a foam adhesive strip.  As an illustration, you may refer to our instructional sheet here to get a better idea about how our product is installed.


We cannot fully guarantee the prevention of diseases or infectious agents.  Even when sanitizing methods are implemented as described within our Cleaning and Care Instructional, there is always a potential for infection.  FUGATE INC. establishes no warranty regarding the quality, accuracy, or reliability of information for appropriate infection control practices. With this in mind, please refer to the Center for Disease Control official website for more information.

Recommendations are offered in good faith, but without full guarantee.  We are not in control of some circumstances and the risk of transmission is always a potential.  Therefore, we highly recommend consumers self-determine the viability of our products and terms of use before purchasing.



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