Our Mission is “…to Continue to Perfect the Sculpture of Sound.”

Fugate Instruments is a musical instrument manufacturer located in the Heart of Illinois. We specialize in tuned percussion instruments.

On July 31, 2013, Conn-Selmer ceased operations at the Musser Marimba plant in the Greater Chicago, IL area. Brett Fugate, the founder of Fugate Instruments, was working as a tuner – journeyman for Musser and became severed as a result of this business decision. Then, on August 1, 2013, Mr. Fugate began operations for Fugate Instruments in his garage in Washington, IL.

As of now (spring 2024) (https://youtu.be/b073jZ8EeFo), Fugate Instruments is located in a commercial building in Morton, IL just off of I-155. Fugate Instruments offers a passion for providing customers with quality band and orchestra instruments. All of our percussion instruments are manufactured in the United States at our Morton, IL facility.

While we specialize in keyboard percussion instruments, we also offer patented custom drums, chimes, cajóns, claves, OEM products, custom carrying bags and more. Fugate Instruments was the company that tuned all of the chime tubes for the Tower of Voices National Memorial in Somerset County, PA. Fugate was also involved in the fabrication, designing, and consulting for this massive project. The Tower of Voices National Memorial serves as an ongoing voice for the heroes of Flight 93 (https://youtu.be/kvoHt47qhqk).

We also rent musical instruments throughout Illinois and teach music lessons out of our manufacturing facility. Email us at info [@] fugatedrums.com if you’d like details on sales items not currently listed.