Thurston “RoyalT” Magill

Music was the force that drove Thurston into an element all his own while adding both clarinet and saxophone to his repertoire. Inspired by artists such as Sonny Rollins, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Mike Phillips, Thurston creates a particular sound by blending elements of funk, R&B, jazz, and hip-hop.

That unique accent has landed Magill and his saxophone on stage with a number of esteemed groups and artists such as The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Michael Manson, George Duke, Willie (of Day 26) and Kwiet Storm. A winner of “ShowTime in Chicago,” Thurston blew through the windy city performing at The Auditorium Theatre, Buddy Guy’s Legends, and The Funky Buddha Lounge amongst countless others.

Thurston has released several original songs and covers which are available to listeners online, but continues to emphasize that there’s nothing like live music. For the improvisational master, there is nothing like The Thurston Live Experience.

The red Fugate saxophone that he is holding was dubbed the “RoyalT Saxophone”, to pay tribute to Thurston Magill.

Brett Fugate

Brett Fugate, CEO and founder of Fugate Drums and Fugate Inc., is the worlds first heavy metal marimba/vibe player and plays all Fugate instruments exclusively. He has played in a variety of styles and genres ranging from heavy metal to prog rock.