Ballistic Steel and White Oak Kiosk – Sept 11, 2020

For a local customer, Fugate Inc. created an eye-catching bulletproof kiosk. The kiosk has white oak paneling that is reinforced with AR500 ballistic steel plate. The entire piece was designed and fabricated by Fugate Inc. with Central IL Granite adding the finishing touch by installing the granite counter top for this custom job.

Do you have a custom job in the works? If you do, we might be able to help! Send us an email at for small, medium and also prototype jobs to see if we can help you with your next special project.

Fugate Inc. Featured in The Tribune – July 7, 2019

The Tribune-Review released an article illustrating details of the Tower of Voices construction as our progress continues. Moreover, NPS spokeswoman Sally Mayberry states, “…performance-enhancing retrofits of the 40 chime tube assemblies is currently in progress.” Despite the time crunch, Fugate Inc. and the rest of the team press on as the first to face such obstacles. “There are no chime systems of this scale anywhere in the world…”, Mayberry provides. For the full story, check out the article here.

New Utility Patent Issued for Resonators – May 21, 2019

In Arlington, VA, Fugate Inc. was issued US Patent #10,297,238. A “Resonator Cap with Integrated Playing Surface and Amplifier” is an invention that converts a resonator into a drum. As a result of this design, the resonator also allows sympathetic vibrations of the couple tone bars to be captured. From there, it can be amplified via a horn or cone.

Exhibit at The Chicago Drum Show – May 19, 2019

In our very own home state Illinois, Fugate Inc. exhibited at the Chicago Drum Show. We were the only company with marimbas, xylophones, cathedral chimes, a Tower of Voices display, winds and brass and, of course, our stave-construction drum shells.

Contract with the State of DelawareMay 01, 2019

Fugate Inc. has signed a contract to provide musical instruments to the State of Delaware. If you or someone you know lives in Delaware, please consider us for your band and instrument needs!

Tower of Voices UpdateApril 16, 2019

Fugate Inc. is excited to continue working on the renowned Tower of Voices National Monument of Stoytown, PA. To the heroes on Flight 93, we will never forget.