2017 Fugate Drums

2017 Fugate Drums


– Custom Fugate Drums –

Our patented custom drums design allows the musician to create a uniquely tuned drum shell, giving them an infinite amount of tonal and aesthetic possibilities.

Each shell stave can be tuned to a specific note, forming a unique harmony with an assortment of tones or one note for every stave.

Notes available range from C1 to C8. Keep in mind that your desired notes may dictate the depth (and subsequently the height) of the drum. The lower the note, the longer the stave and thus, a deeper drum. Respectively, higher notes are created by shorter staves and a shallower drum. These dimensions range from lengths approximately between 6-30in.

Choose from either Rosewood or Padauk for your drum kit’s material. Default finish is a glossy enamel coating. Custom finishes and other materials not shown are available upon request. We are happy to find the perfect material that best suits your needs.

Once an order is placed, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your shell tuning needs. We also have a selection of premade drums to choose from. Inquire within for more details.

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