Custom Drum Kits

“March to the Beat of Your Own Drum”

Allow us to introduce you to the greatest advancement in drumming since the hollowed out log.

Get beyond the boring veneers & tired staves. 

It’s acoustifying! It’s Fugate Drums!

Fugate Drums with African Padauk Body

What is thee most important aspect of drum customization?

You are.

These fully tuned custom drum shells offer the experience which no other drum manufacturer rivals. With an infinite variety of customizable features, Fugate Drums has remodeled modern drumming into a more personal endeavor with limitless innovation.

Fur Elise Snare – Rosewood Stave Body

With a completely adhesiveless drum shell tuned to the individual’s specifications, setting one’s self apart becomes a simplified and fun experience with Fugate. The layers of possibilities fashion a truly unique accent and aesthetic that will leave audiences with enduring impressions.

The Materials

Not only do we work one on one with you to select the ideal notes or melodies to incorporate, but we also provide numerous material options to outfit your custom equipment! Should you choose aluminum, exotic hardwood or synthetics, we can help you reinvent instruments that reflect your true colors.

The Primordial Conception of the Custom Fugate Drum Kit with African Padauk Shell

Each stave within the shell is a note hand-picked by you. Should you choose to transfer the harmonies of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” into your snare for a subtle, yet distinct dynamic, or go with one solid note, no avenue is too tenacious.

Call or email us today for a free consultation to find out exactly how we can elevate your musicality to the max.

“Let’s acoustify!” – Brett Fugate, CEO & Founder of Fugate Drums

You have your own sound. Your own vibe… Let’s acoustify!